Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Same-Sex On The Beach

Yesterday saw Faraway’s first same-sex wedding of 2013 – better late than never!  After a relatively brief but nevertheless rainy season, we were delighted that the sun was out, the sky was blue and the beach was back (it had disappeared completely – eek!).

Organizing a same-sex wedding is of course no different from organizing any other, but it did raise a few issues with our admin system and the terminology we use for various aspects of the day.  For example, our system is set up with entries for “Bride” and “Groom” – and this just doesn’t work if you have two of one and none of the other!    

Also, we would normally refer to the “Bridal Party” when speaking of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, which is fine if there are two Brides… but needs a change for a two-Groom wedding.  Even in geography we were caught out – the Bride and Grooms’ dressing rooms were plain and simply “dressing rooms”…
Thankfully, our delightful couple Dale and Chris understood that any “Bridal talk” yesterday was simply a case of linguistics and not a refusal to accept there was no bride!  The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, with a dramatic surprise entrance on our favourite elephant Dao, 4 readings, a sand ceremony, self-written vows and lots of tears.  

Surprises and personal touches were a theme throughout the evening with a friend singing the first dance song, a fire dance show on the beach and a personalized poster gift for one of the grooms – even the videography was done by Dale’s amazing grandmother, Merle.

We have many more gay and lesbian bookings for 2014, so we’re already ironing out those practical creases and hopefully our couples can also help us to get the formula for a perfect same-sex wedding just right.  

The Grooms had rings custom made in Chiang Mai as they traveled through the region to get here
The colour theme was a palette of purples, pink, yellow and white
Chris and Dale chose not to enter the ceremony with the long drum procession...
... but to make a surprise arrival on an elephant!
Standing before friends and loved ones
It was a heart-felt and emotional ceremony
Eternal bond
An elephant always proves to be a great photo-opportunity
Fabulous weather and a lovely sunset completed the day
The guests were asked to follow a dress code in-keeping with the colour theme
Name settings were hand-painted cards the Grooms found on their travels in Myanmar.  Each person received a personal message inside
Chris surprised Dale with a custom-made poster, a gift made by a friend who couldn't attend

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