Monday, December 23, 2013

Tools of the trade

Over the years of planning weddings for clients who are overseas, we’ve developed an ingenious system which makes a complicated process a whole lot simpler.  Our client tool is an online facility to which our clients gain access once they have booked and paid their deposit.  When you’re in, you can browse all our options, from flowers, through hairstyles, menus to entertainment, cake, wine…
There are photo galleries from which you can put together a scrapbook of your favourites, and areas in which you can make special notes (“I HATE roses!”), and record important information (“nut allergy!”).  In short, you can plan your whole wedding remotely from your living room.  As your wedding day draws close, your wedding planner will let you know when you must decide on your final selections and submit them to us.

Here in the office, our planners log on to our end of the system and download all the information you have entered.  They complete a detailed quotation of costs, and a full program showing the movements of the day’s events, which they in turn upload to the tool for you to see at your end.  The planners will take all the information you have entered and sort it into the appropriate order forms, documents and notes that they will need to communicate with our suppliers, and for themselves on the wedding day.

There are some finer details that are not covered by the tool options so there’s also lots of personal contact between you and your planner via email.  We’re in the office Monday to Saturday and we try to reply to emails within 48 hours – if we’re super-busy we’ll let you know that a response will be with you as soon as we can manage, we have to give priority to the weddings that are closest.  

We’ve been told many times that the client tool has done wonders for our clients’ confidence in our service and has greatly helped in allowing people to vividly visualize their wedding, despite it being in a completely different country.

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  1. This is super cool. There are a lot of wedding apps in India too. -